When To Replace Cabinetry And What To Replace

Written By Jake Hinrichs

        If you are looking at your Cabinetry and wondering if it’s time to replace them or just refinish them
        Well for starters I will say usually if the cabinets are really bad, like falling off the walls and water damage and shelves sagging then they should just be replaced…but what if the boxes are just ok? Do you replace the whole kitchen or bath?
        Well I would start by asking if there is anything wrong with the functionality of the kitchen or bath as a whole?  Do you like where everything is located?  If you are wanting to change a couple things around, say a refrigerator or stove to a different location, then you may want to just go all new.  There is always a chance that your cabinet maker can match your existing cabinetry and make things look decent but sometimes this is more of a hassle than its worth.   I would say replace all cabs if you can in this situation.  It may not be much more to do all new. 
        If your cabs are in good shape and you like the general layout of the space, then maybe all you need is a face lift.   At Crestwood Cabinetry we offer a few different options for bringing new life to your kitchen.   Start with new doors.  This is a very large part of the look of your Cabinetry.  If your kitchen looks dated then this would be the first option.   Of coarse if you only update the doors,  they will need to be the same color and wood species as the frames in most cases, so if you hate the color or wood species then you will want to change that as well. 
        At Crestwood we offer a reface of the frames where we put a 1/4 inch material over all the frames and side panels to cover all the existing materials.   Usually this looks great in the end and with new doors and headers it will look like new!
You can also replace the drawers and drawer track in the space to a better working soft closing drawer glide.  This will really help the kitchen feel like new! 
Continue on with additional crown moldings and bam!  You have the full package.
        Of coarse this will be about the price of 2/3 of a new kitchen give or take… So deciding weather you want to just go with a new kitchen or a full reface has a lot of different options.  
Any mix of these options can be done, although one constant seams to be a new door style.
        We do have a lot of people who wish to save money and would like a new color as well. They will decide to paint the frames and finished sides of the cabinet boxes and then with a matching paint color we will make the new doors.
        A new hardware is a cheap upgrade as well! I always said it was like rims on a car!  The right hardware can really make a kitchen pop!
        To wrap things up I would suggest you figure out how bad your Cabinetry is and if any layout changes will be made.  From there you can ask your local cabinet maker to give you recommendations on what to keep and what is just not worth keeping.   In the end there are a lot of possibilities for making your kitchen look new again!

                                            Remember Cut Straight!!


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