Quality Control

Written By Jake Hinrichs

        Everyone at crestwood is in charge of quality control.  From the top guy to the bottom guy!
As a new job comes into our hands, our designers are on the lookout for anything that could make things difficult for our install team.  They will take accurate measurements and pass those onto our guys in the shop.  They will look over the job and make sure everything that was laid out adds up and makes sense.  From there doors and frames will begin to be laid out and cut, where that person is selecting the best boards and weeding out the bad to ensure a high quality product.  Once the doors are cut, other guys on the floor will casually inspect to see that no bad pieces were used.
        Cnc programs are produced and checked before being cut.  Each sheet is inspected before ever being put on the cnc table.  As each piece comes off the cnc off cut table they are again inspected to ensure proper sizing and that there is no tool wear showing up on the cuts. 
As doors are built each piece is again inspected by the builder.  Once they are built they move on to the sanding process where another set of eyes are now inspecting them.  
        Frames are the same way as doors, inspected as they are cut and then when they are built, then again when they go through the time savers.
From there the doors go forward to the sanding table where, you guessed it another set of eyes looking over each and every door and each and every frame as they are hand sanded.
        Our drawers go through a very similar system as the frames and the doors.  Cut parts, inspect, run parts on dovetail machine, inspect,  build drawers, inspect, sand drawers,  inspect,  spray drawers, inspect, then mount the drawers,  inspect. 
        Our finisher is one of our most important players in our quality control.  Once this person gets the part/piece, they must give it the once over for after they stain and lacquer the piece it becomes much harder to fix at that point.
        Our cabinet builder will get many of these parts and as they stage and build the cabinets they will be inspecting them throughout the entire process.  After the cabinet is built it is staged to get the doors and drawers hung in or on the cabinet.   But not before the doors get hinged, where yet again the doors get a good look to see that they made it through the entire process and had no flaws.
        Once the doors and drawers and drawer fronts are installed the cabinets are staged to go out the door.
        As the cabinets get loaded up on the truck for delivery they get looked over one last time at the shop, even though we never want to see problems at this stage, it is still in the shop, so much easier to fix them here than in the homeowners house!
         The cabinets are then off loaded at the job site where as they unload they are looking over the cabinets again. The cabinets are then installed where piece by piece they are looked over and hung in place. 
Lastly the cabinets are trimmed out and cleaned up, we also adjust the doors to line up perfectly.  As you can expect,  this is where we do our final inspection for quality!
        We want to leave the job site knowing what we left in the homeowners house was a quality product!
This is where we get our motto

                               When You Come Home To Crestwood
                                      You Come Home To Quality

                       Good luck on your next project and cut straight!


When You Come Home to Crestwood

You Come Home to Quality

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