Cabinetry Construction Methods

Written By Jake Hinrichs

       Crestwood Cabinetry has been using a dado to join the frame of the cabinet for over 40 years!  It’s the only way in my opinion.   The dado is a channel that is made by using a wider (dado) blade in a table saw to cut out the wood for the channel.  This channel (dado) is very helpful in keeping the box square and also gives a nice place for glue.  Once the dado is made the cabinet side can be glued into this dado and then stapled together.   Once the glue dries it becomes very strong and durable!  Most higher quality products will use this method of connecting there frame to there box as opposed to face nails or pocket screws although they both have there place,  I prefer the dado method! 

        Another option is to face nail your frame directly to the box.  This method is usually used with 3/4 inch side material and a lot of time you are able to see the nail locations even if it was filled correctly.  The material is still glued the same as in dado construction only without the dado. There are situations where this could be better or as good but I’m just not a fan. 

       You can pocket screws your sides to the face frame, along with glue this is a strong alternative to face nailing.  You won’t have the nails in your frame front so that’s nice.  The screws will hold better until the glue dries.  I don’t especially like seeing the pocket holes on the inside of the cabinet but if you can hide them on the unfinished side or inside where there are drawers then great!  

        All these methods of fastening your face frame to your box should be used with glue!!  I hope this helps you along the path of deciding what method works best for you.


Good Luck and Cut Straight!

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