Soft Close Drawer Guides

Written By Jake Hinrichs

A person gets pampered with the new technology that is available to us these days.  I still go to older homes that had the old metal drawer slides, or the even older wood on wood drawers.  These people are usually not all about the finer things, they might be the rugged farmer or just someone who don’t care about how it works, just that it works.  I will begin to measure a job like this maybe for just a re-face ( all new doors and drawer fronts, occasionally we skin the frames and do new drawer boxes and new drawer track)  the customer will begin by saying they like the color but want to update the style. 

 In this case usually we just put the new door fronts and drawer fronts on in the same species of wood I might say, they say great, let’s do that… then I always ask, would you like to replace your drawer boxes?  50% of the time the customer has no idea, this was never even thought of…the other 50% might say yes without question.  On the 50% that don’t know, I will open one of there drawers.  I know they will be old track and I can almost guarantee they will be a little noisy and possibly hard to open and close, or they might slam when pushed too hard to shut. 

 I completely understand when a person is on tight budget to skip this option,  but if you can swing it, the soft closing drawer track and new boxes are an absolute dream!  The ease of opening and closing is so nice, and even fun to close with the soft close feature.  You will not be unsatisfied with this upgrade!! In fact in some circumstances I’d say only replace the drawers and track!  

So if your happy with your layout of your kitchen but hate the style or squeaky hard to open drawers, there is options for you! 

Good Luck And Cut Straight!

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