Best Materials Used In Cabinetry

Written By Jake Hinrichs

Here we are in a very opinionated topic of what is better.  These are my 2 cents.
First I will say there are good points to most materials,  and more importantly there are high quality and lower quality options in each material.   So just saying I hate particle board because you had a friend who bought a cheap cabinet from somewhere doesn’t mean that all particle board is the same.  I run a shop that has always used particle board for the main parts of the cabinet.   I always knew we put out a strong cabinet,  we have good reviews and customers keep coming back.   I wasn’t sure how to handle my first client that had such harsh words about particle board.  

 I’ve heard it many times since then and always told them we could use plywood instead if it made them happy.  It wasn’t until I seen for my self just how crappy some other particle board products can be that I realized what these clients were actually protesting.  I can now see why they dislike this product so much!   The product we use has a thermo fused malomine on it which is leaps and bounds better when compared to the paper faced material.
A plywood will be your best bet if you are looking for strength and moisture resistance.   Of coarse anything exposed to water over a period of time will swell and rot.  There are different thicknesses and grades of plywood so be sure to investigate what your cabinet maker is using.  It may be plywood but it also may be junk.  Look to see if it has a finish on the inside,  is it smooth and cleanable?  Rough areas hold grease and grime from natural kitchen use. 

MDF (medium density fiberboard)  is another material used in kitchens and furniture.   Many times you will see this used on painted kitchens and with a wood veneer on one side and thermo fused malomine on the other is needed.  The mdf also gets the bad rap for being weak and crappy.   I will say it has it’s place.  If u like a painted kitchen but hate how a solid wood door will develop small/hairline cracks(totally normal) then you might consider a mdf door.  Again if you take care of your kitchen you will have very little problems.   If you are rough on things you should definitely go wit a stronger material.
Hope this helps you weed through the material!  

Good luck and Cut Straight!

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